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Different Abilities
  • Ready to Apply
  • Peel and Stick
  • Permanent & Waterproof
  • Hand wash only (Dishwasher is not recommended)


You are purchasing 1 UV DTF Cup Decal, a mug is not included.

Different Abilities

  • How to Apply:


    1. Peel the wrap off the backing.

    2. Place the wrap on the cup, making sure it's straight and positioned evenly (it's permanent, no resticking, once it's stuck, it's stuck!)

    3. Press the wrap down working from the center out to create smoothness and no bubbles.

    4. Rub all over using your fingers and pressure.

    5. Peel the clear film and that's it! You are done.


    We are not responsible for user errors or application mishaps. We recommend ordering a few extras if this is your first time using DTF wraps.

    Also note, different brands of glass Libby cups have slightly different dimensions. Adjustments may be necessary.


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