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About Us

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Crystal Kelley is the founder and visionary of Marcia Marie's Creations, her passion for the creative design started at an early age where she would provide fashion advice to close friends and family. Crystal would also show her love for designing by creating tutus for members of her family.


Crystal is known for her diligence and assertiveness especially when it comes to creating memorable experiences. She knew early on that she wanted to instill a sense of quality and purpose in her life, as well as the lives of others.


As a working mother of three lovely kids, she also wanted to create a business that will allow her to do what she loves and create something that her family can be proud of. She also wanted to find a way to honor two people in her life that inspired her creativity.


The name "Marcia Marie's" is an honorable combination of her cousin Marcia and her late aunt Marie Martin who made major impacts in her life and helped lead her to this direction.


Crystal's talent and entrepreneurship has now taken her journey further to expand on her vision with Marcia Marie’s Creations.


The meaning:

Behind the Butterfly.
as told by Crystal Kelley

Butterflies are a deep and powerful representation of my life when it came to persevering through challenges that I had to overcome. From the loss of family members to the loss of my children, I managed to find peace in the nature and beauty of butterflies.

From my perspective, the beautiful color patterns and designs of the wings gave me a reason to smile freely during troubling times. 

Butterflies are a symbol of evolution, beauty, and freedom which is what Marcia Marie’s Creations representing as we provide that same feeling to all who support us. 


The Purpose

MMC (Marcia Marie’s Creations) has a deep connection and history with the fight against Breast Cancer. 

From friends to loved ones who survived, to those we have lost along the way. We honor them by dedicating and donating our efforts to the cause and let those fighting know that we are with you all the way. 

Portion of our annual proceeds will go to a nonprofit organization of our choosing that we feel focuses greatly on the research and studies that leads closer to a cure for Breast cancer.

Women are the foundation of our world and MMC will continue to be an advocate in the preservation of many that help and maintain life. 

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